DC Tutors is a local matching service for students and tutors in DC. Our goal is to help students and tutors find each other without being a hassle or financial burden to either of them. To find a tutor, just choose from one of our subjects or browse all tutors. Not in DC? Browse other locations. Are you a tutor? Tutor with Us!

Why DC Tutors?

Some of the big tutoring websites collect lots of personal information from students and tutors, insert themselves into the student-tutor relationship, and charge tutors exorbitant fees which, of course, get passed along to the student. Some even charge the student a fee directly. So, after you've had to sign up for their site (providing unnecessary personal information they don't need) and agreed to their complex and sometimes rather scary legal agreement (which, again, they probably don't need), there's a good chance you're going to end up paying them a lot of money over time. Maybe not directly, but they'll get it one way or another.

As an example of how the big sites can extract money, consider a tutor that typically charges $35 per hour. If the site charges them 35% in various fees, the tutor will probably charge you $50 per hour to cover the additional expense. Some of these sites have been known to charge more than 40 percent! If you stick with a tutor long-term, you could be paying a site (that does none of the actual tutoring) hundreds or even thousands of dollars, never mind the fact that you probably could have gotten a more experienced tutor for all that money.

DC Tutors is different. We don't require a bunch of personal information from you. In fact, you don't even have to sign up for our site. Just find a tutor and contact them. In addition to maintaining your privacy, we can help save you money. Once you've found a good match, you and your tutor are free to work together as you see fit. We don't try to control the relationship, charge you fees, or collect a percentage of payments to your tutor. With us, tutors can just charge you their normal rate without passing along the 35% website "tax." They're happy since they keep all the money they earn, you're happy because you've gotten a better deal, and we're happy because we like the idea of tutors and students (or their parents) keeping more of their hard-earned money.

You may wonder how we make money if we don't take a percentage of the tutors' income. It's simple: we charge tutors a very small fee to be listed on our site. It is a negligible amount compared to what any active tutor earns, so it should have no noticeable impact on the rate they charge their students. We are a very small, very lean company with no debt, investors, or giant executive salaries to pay, so these small fees are enough to keep us going. If you just want to find a tutor and then be left alone to work with them, you've found the right place!

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